RAI 2021 Conference Panel report – Hope, ruination and the politics of remaking landscapes

Panel held at the Royal Anthropological Institute’s “Anthropology and Conservation” online conference, October 29th, 2021. We organised a panel at this international conference to explore links between the RAI’s theme “Anthropology and Conservation” and our 2021 workshop on “Hope, Ruination and Environmentalism”. The panel discussed contributions from five presenters from around the world. Our starting…

Resources for Teaching Environmental Anthropology in Fearful and Inspiring Times

On this page we have curated presentations introducing some favourite and unusual teaching resources. Our hope is that these short talks will continue to foster conversations around some of the key dimensions of teaching environmental anthropology, and that they will inspire scholars, students, and activists for new activities in the classroom and beyond.

What Can We as Anthropologists Contribute?

Sarah Mund | Invited by the indigenous Heilstuk Nation to work on a tourism strategy, the principles of respect, responsibility, and reciprocity shaped the research project.

Dan Podjed Speaks at EnviroAnt’s Inaugural Meeting

In an epoch, called the Anthropocene, the world urgently needs anthropological methods and thinking to address the main environmental problems – from climate change to extinction of species and pollution

These blog posts specifically consists of original research from the academic environmental anthropology community.

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