Full Panel Description – Water/Liquid

Water provides a compelling challenge for the humanities and social sciences, with its liquid state resisting the solid certainties of earthbound thinking, and the inhospitability of aquatic environments for those evolved to live on land. However, increasing overabundance and scarcity of water in a changing climate poses an imperative to grapple with the diversity of ways in which humans and other beings inhabit watery worlds, and how we may do so in the future. These changing conditions, while posing threats to some beings, species, or activities, can also foster or encourage other possibilities and let us imagine different ways to relate to water environments. We are interested in contributions exploring emerging waterscapes from the point of view of climate change, conservation, maritime infrastructures, marine livelihoods, and more. 

Thinking beyond just water, the panel invites reflections on the role that other liquids might play in interspecies and human-environment relationships. Body fluids may form a key point of contact between species in medicine (human and veterinary), laboratories, everyday care practices, and food production. Liquid chemical waste is likewise a key means of communication between industrial worlds and their neighbours. This panel welcomes theoretical and ethnographic reflections on these and any other issues relating to liquid as a state of matter and its role in human-environment interaction.

Please send your 200-word abstract and a short 50-word bio to the emails

 EnviroAnt.Network@gmail.com  and Easaholbnetwork@gmail.com by 15 May 2023.

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