Full panel description – Earth/Solid

On many levels, environmental anthropology is “earth-bound”. Informed by fieldwork and grounded in theory, the discipline has long been concerned with the ways that humans modify, use, and inhabit our environments in concert with other beings. Far from a mere backdrop on which humans project culture, the earth itself might be seen as an active participant in shaping human biocultural relations. While earth recalls the qualities of solidity and immobility, landscapes are also fluid, emerging over time as a product of complex socioecological assemblages. At the same time, earth can also conceal – obscuring everything from the multispecies communities below the soil to the (pre)historic landscapes of ages past.

This first panel broadly explores the dynamic interrelationships between humans and the land, and considers anthropology’s contributions to our understanding of terrestrial spaces. Contributions might explore a range of earthly themes, from human-related landscape change, ecosystem management, natural resource usage, or habitat destruction. This panel particularly hopes to feature reflections on these themes grounded in an exploration of multispecies agency and biocultural hope.

Please send your 200-word abstract and a short 50-word bio to the emails

 EnviroAnt.Network@gmail.com  and Easaholbnetwork@gmail.com by 15 May 2023.

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